Monday, June 30, 2008

Mulely and His Haints

Mulely's haints were make believe. Mine were the real thing. His were animal eyes or the reflection off of a guard rail from a distant car. My haints got right in my face and said, "Guess ... are you nuts, or are we real?" And then you have to go through the whole thing of beating yourself up because of that acid you took in 1975. But you have healthy children, but, then, more that that you have the cloud, you see, to validate everything -- everything -- and one's perspective changes. It is my favorite thing ever to happen to me since my marriage to my wife and the birth of Thing 1 and Thing 2. A running joke with my kids where Pi is in the punchline.

Muley was a wealthy and a generous man. People talk about being gifts from God to mankind, or women, etc., very arrogant people do. Muley was more than a gift ... he was a shopping spree, where all the stuff you could grab in thirty minutes was yours. I would not lie to you about this. And so, you have to be shrewd to get the most out of your friendship with a wonderful guy who wears overalls and dips snuff. But he used to be a hippie, and still is, which means different things in different people's books. To me it was a very, very serious matter that I could be drafted and sent to Vietnam. My age added a little bit of an incentive to worry. I don't know what I would have done if I had been born one or two years earlier than 1953. But I would not have taken up arms against anyone in a wild excursion, which now we know was war for profit ... just as this one is. If a single innocent civilian, especially a child, were killed, and thousands were, maybe tens of thosands, for the purpose of pursuing a midguided, misrepresented conflict to hold China in check, that was one too many innocent people, as far as I was concerned. I couldn't respect a government which did not concern itself with the welfare of innocent human lives. No conflict between egos should ever result in the death of a child. And if our men have died as some people have said because the governments of Israel and the United States wanted to mop up the radical Islamic factions further east, and this could only be acceptable to the Amerioan people if a major tragedy struck to rally up the patriots, which proudly includes a lot of people. Patriots for war, people who don't like what they're hearing out of the confirming statements by Colin Powell, were motivated to get revenge. If this president and his minions planned a Pearl-Harbor like attack, or authorized it, or agreed to go along what was already set in place, every one of them should be tried for treason and dereliction of duty, the breaching of an oath made before God and man.

Will they ever be, whoever they are, made to confront their actions? Well, that would depend on if they're doing anything wrong. The Ten Commandments say thou shalt not kill, but presidents get around that by saying war is a necessary evil. But this one has been exposed as a social engineer, but men, in fact, father and son, and there is no doubt in anyone's mind, the large majority of Americans, that Washington had something to do with the events we call 9/11. War is being fought on foreign soil by an oilman president who has been caught lying, and, is allegedly profiting from the war and the rebuilding contracts even as the war is being fought. He and his vice president. I don't know if that is true or not, but people who do know, whose jobs it is to know, say the two men are even doing business in Iran via the velociraptor business group Halliburton. It makes my skin crawl to think that it may all be true, that we have social engineers for presidents, who are merely doing the bidding and the dirty work for other social engineers with more money. It sounds like a plot out of a Batman comic book. Can imagine what those meetings must be like.

Okay, who ordered the pastrami on rye, and, hey, get Baal on the phone and see if we can do those tornadoes tomorrow in China?

Preposterous. Television and radio, the technology, is preposterous, the presence of social engineers in our own government who would Kamikaze his own nation is preposterous. Communicating with supernatural forces which can whip up storms is not so preposterous. If one day we will be able to turn on a computer ... with the thought wave that instructs the computer to turn on. It reminds me of Hal. Hello, Hal, I'm reading your thoughts. Are you reading mine? So why are we meeting? I'll be in the pool if your need me.

They call it entanglement and quantum mechanics, and what-not, but electromagnetic waves and thought waves which travel from transmitters and our wave-generative brains, is not science fiction. Nor is mind control.

Why is there war? What's wrong with prayer? 'Cause you'd be a damn, fucked up fundamentalist if you did all that shit. Really? You don't believe in thought waves?

Now we know, those of us interested enough to check, that the two wars launched by members of the Bush family cost hundreds of thousands of collateral damage in the form of people. If these lives have been lost and invested to do social engineering for the hiearchy to whom presidents report, there has been no more despicable people on the face of the planet, in the history of mankind, than the United States of America and its men of war.

It was because of war and "counting" Israel, which means drafting its men, that God judged David ... and forbad him from building the temple, God's holy house, and instead giving the plans to Solomon.

Gee, speaking of Solomon ... is there any chance that Random House/Doubleday/Bertelsmann AG is holding Dan Brown's new book until some magical, special date which was determined in advance, maybe even in advance of 9/11 and the publishing of Mr. Brown's first book. I believe the whole Da Vinci Code spectacle is an example of social engineering, which has apparently really paid dividends. But me and Muley ... we haven't had our turn yet. We know a little something about haints and codes.

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