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The Code That Might Eat THE CODE

As a cryptologist, one knows that if any portion of a received message or code is missing, your success at deriving anything of real value from the encoded material is negligible. In fact, we intelligence specialists stationed in Asmara (then Ethiopia, now Eritrea) knew to toss a message which was even slightly garbled into the s*** can, and from there it was shredded and burned along with everything else of a classified nature in the middle of a desert. It was a very strange sight to see several sailors in uniform in a desolate sub-saharan landscape, a mile high in the Ethiopian Highlands ... as they filled the oven-like incinerator with all of those precious, meaningfully supercharged words, which can sink ships.

To hear some folks talk about it, no more than FDR with regard to Pearl Harbor.

What about that? Do you put any stock in that kind of alternative journalism? I believe it's wrong not to avail yourself of it and decide ... is this one a kook ... or is he a truthseeker. Or is this person very intelligent with a dark side. As psychology goes, inquiry into what makes the latter of these three tick is most rewarding. Because you get to meet villains who have been incarcerated, shall we say? In jail and Purgatory. And this latter latter group can't touch you, because they're like ghosts, or they are ghosts, and some people call them the Watchers.

I feel like an old Jewish man when somebody hits me with that: "Whaddya doin' scarin' everybody around here, you putz? You wanna watch something ... watch this. Always with the watching. I'm watched out, bubbe. I'm so sick of hearing about these Watchers that no one else can see. You know what your problem is? You watch too much of the Twlight Zone and the Outer Limits.

But I have seen them. In fact, I see them at this very moment as I am writing this. It must be them. So, you have to ask yourself, is this career journalist and published author crazy? ... lazy? ... nutso? ... sick or sane? It could be that I have different chemicals than a "normal" person does. A blow to the head might do that, resulting in brain damage, or trauma in childhood during key periods of growth and development can "juice" a little kid so that his brain chemistry is not good when he becomes an adult. Seriously, so many of our actions, I believe, have organic benefits. The puppies at the nursing home thing. Love heals ... and dogs are the most unconditionally loving creatures on the planet. No offense friends of felines.

So, I could just have bad chemistry, which will make you crazy and nutso or sick. The sick people are those who have bad brain chemistry and also lack any sense of guilt for what they do that affects and hurts other people. I mean none. Fortunately, I ran to the light. I embrassed the best deal, or, at least the deal that I had offered to me in my culture, like people do all over the world.

Do you know where I believe fascism came from? You know what fascism is? As it was in the medieval period, people today have the grotesque perception, flawed, anti-social thinking that people are no better than animals ... and weeding them out if the populations get out of hand ... is a necessary part of life, which a bad, mean old God sanctions. So, if God is evil, what the hell? He seems evil. I mean look at the world. So, therefore to play by the law of the jungle, dog eat dog, I shall succeed, always succeed, because I am great enough to succeed, and these urchins who are part of the surplus population can just die. Bah ... humbug! You recall who else felt this way, I presume. It may be closer to the truth by far than, for example, Dante's Inferno, which is far too complicated. Evil is stupid ... it would have to be to believe that it can defeat God, unless they don't believe in God at the demon shack way down below. James, the half-brother of Jesus, says there are demons ... and that they believe in God ... and shudder to hear his name.

An island in the clouds they called it. flat as a board, reddish brown soil which danced as dirt devils sprang up ... burning shredded paper and paper tape. The wind could be high, and sometimes so strong that the plume of white-gray smoke that poured out of the incinerator became horizontal. Special care had to be taken to be sure that not a scrap of paper got loose. It could be your ass or somebody else's.

If your message doesn't contain an arrangement of words Or it's worthless, depending on how many missing or garbled parts there are. An encrypted Navy message, for example, which has a very exact, precise arrangement of words, letters and numbers ... if any of these are garbled, you're not supposed to accept the message. The signal from the satellite has to come through crystal clear in the form of radio waves, or your teletyped "letter" is not going to be a true and complete Navy message.

Because the Da Vinci Code has so many missing parts, we don't have any business trying to solve it.

There are, in our opinion, a whole host of parts to The Da Vinci Code which are missing or were not addressed by Dan Brown, the author of the Code. We'll assume it was because he was unaware of what we believe has been a "campaign" since the first century to hide people in whose home "The Last Supper" was held.

The Code is more elaborate than we may have realized. Or we might say that our code is a separate code altogether, opposed one to the other, that our code can gobble up the other Code. We call our code the Moor's Code, because we believe that there were Moors at one time depicted in Leonardo's "The Last Supper." At least two people, and here's a hint: one was named John, which is a very important name to our hypothesis, or code, as we shall see.

And one is left to ponder whether the creator (or creators) of the blockbuster Code were aware of that when the novel based on this on-again/off-again fictitious code was written. What we're getting at is another code, the "mother of all codes," which we believe we can prove the Da Vinci Code was expressly meant to hide.

And it's really big -- although almost certainly this larger mother code will never achieve the fame and distribution of the Code.

How big is it? It is so big that it proves the Bible is loaded with errors, especially the New Testament, but not errors so much as edits, in our view. After enough hoaxes and codes, fraudulent relics, money-driven indulgences, like the Shroud of Turin, which seems to be heresy ... in reverse, this awareness that something was newly fishy about the Code arose in us -- and did when we finally broke down and read the book. It was heresy, sure enough. So, we began asking what all of these presumed heresies have in common. And we allowed ourselves the luxury of thinking as big and as universally as possible.

But, of course, since 1974, we have had a lot of time to think about the back story to this conclusion and series of assumptions and convictions, 25 years ago, in fact, when we found ourselves in Ethiopia, where we witnessed the dramatic unfulfillment of an ancient Ethiopian prophecy. Not just any prophecy, but one involving King Solomon and the mysterious, no first name, Queen of Sheba. We should stop here and make a comparison which eventually must be made -- and it adds weight to our claim. For this writer personally, it was this event which revisited our thinking when the Code emerged in the media, and caused so many of us to to begin discussing bloodlines and knights and trips by Jesus and his disciples to London and elsewhere in Europe.

I'm sorry ... what?

The comparison, which involves Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, also involves Solomon's father and mother, who were, of course, David and Bathsheba. Bathsheba means "daughter of Sheba." Do any Sheba's come to mind who might be the mother of Bathsheba? We're stumped somewhat, because the Queen of Sheba's name is never mentioned. That strikes us as significant, because, continuing the comparisons, if we applied the Queen of Sheba's name as it is presented in a clearly redacted document to Leonardo Da Vinci's name, we would lose the "Leonardo" and call the master painter what Dan Brown has called Leonardo on second references during interviews: Of Vinci.

Hey, everbody, it's "Of" of our town. What's shakin' Of? You still thinking about applying to officer's training school? Of course, we're being silly (but no sillier than Mr. Brown), but to make a point: If Solomon's mother was Bathsheba, was Solomon's lover from Sheba ... his grandmother? Perhaps the two Sheba's are not related, but how could they not be? Sheba might just have been a little hoot and a holler, and everybody knew everybody and royal history, presumably.

about the Passover meal in the painting which is serving not lamb, but fish,

. And after the Gnostic media blitz which we have seen beginning in 2003 with the release of the novel, unless you're taking into account the events of 9/11

As a cryptologist and a veteran of the Ethiopia-Eritrea civil war, this writer, who happens to be an American, can honestly say that there are a lot of people who are missing from Leonardo's "sacred" painting profound mystery. And the Da Vinci Code is a related part of that mystery, which perhaps you can solve. It swirls around the painting nowadays, mystery, and some of us have to wonder why, because if it was truly the masterpiece as we have been led to believe Leonardo's "The Last Supper" is, ... was did someone go to the trouble of putting a door in the wall upon which the "dry-plaster fresco before restoration

Leonardo Da Vinci painted, in all likelihood, for his boss of 18 years, the Duke of Milan.

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