Thursday, July 3, 2008

Waiting and Watching (Who Are The Watchers?)

I resent the idea of having to wait. Even if the reason for his tardiness, or her tardiness or that of a member of his or her entourage is legitimate and justified. I realize I have given away control of things, which I needed to maintain for my sake and that of my message. But then ... I am not in control anyway. It is only grace that has brought me to this point, not the mettle I have or even any intelligence. I was in the right place at the right time ... perhaps. Because why would it be me who finds himself in this situation? Why would it be me who is to confront the darkest of lords, who may be a beautiful woman of light? What is it about me that makes me the person for this task ... as we come to the eleventh hour, eight years into the new milennium? Unless it is because I have the fascination and the anger enough to proceed with all of this. As I think this thought, I realize that this would have been installed as well, God being sovereign ... and in my case, confident that I will do enough of the things right that I have to do.

And I have prepared nothing, written nothing, thought nothing in advance of this meeting, honoring the advice Jesus gave not to do so ... "if one of you sould ever be drug before kings."

The central and abiding question for me ... is who would want to make an enemy of Jesus ... and why? Who would want to be Jesus' enemy, one who offers eternal life in a timeless state, one who is perfect, one who is himself creator along with God? Is it because he is too good to be true?

All that is legitimately known of him is positive, positive to the point of being unmistakable. And yet here I am, where they probably wear "I Hate Jesus" T-shirts behind the scenes. Here, hatred runs deep. I can feel it. I would have felt it more, if the people I passed, employees of this grand place, had known what I was thinking or had gotten advance warning somehow of what my intentions are.

Why would anyone wish to be an enemy of Jesus? What's the beef? When so much is known about him? When he is the hands-down favorite of anyone who is asked to venture a guess as to who the Messiah most likely will be? The only other gods who would apply for the job ... is who ... Krishna or Mohammed? Ishtar or Isis? Perhaps a reincarnated Antiochus Ephiphanes, or Herod or Hitler. Jesus has stood the test of time -- even some Jews are even starting to say, Well, if there is to be one, a Messiah, a future king, a son of Israel, it may just as well be Jesus. The Jews like him more than they like Christians, for obvious reasons, I think. And that may be where the answer to my question lies ... who would embrace Christianity and Jesus, if the people who do and who have are hypocrites, in-your-face evangelists who mean only to satisfy themselves and, sometimes, earn a living? There is hostility toward Jesus because there is hostility toward the church and his professed followers. But they have been corrupted, as all things have been.

Who really believes a new order of any kind is in the offing? Who does not see that life is winding down? Only people my age and older, who know how it used to be ... and having lived through the transitions, know that we are failing as a society, becoming lazy, fat and sickly. And so now it will become Europe's turn, which they always wanted more than anyone else anyway, to be the United States of Europe and the world. They couldn't get it like their forebears, by going to the New World themselves ... they stayed back and waited for things to improve.

We cheered when communism fell like it was some kind of indication of how much better we are, how much better our systems of government are ... when in fact the Native Americans were doing democracy and had it right long before the Europeans came, with the seeds of weeds on their feet. No system of government made by man, no tinkering with creation, with genes, for good or for bad, can compete with Isaiah 9. No one can offer a righteous government and be called wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Too good to be true? Too good for this person to rise from the ranks of those obnoxious believers who believe the wrong things.

So, the odds are good that it is him, they would presumably say, that it will be Jesus who will play the messianic role, owing to the fact that there aren't any other candidates vying for the title. So why would he have any opposition ... and by who or what? Who is that bold ... unless they have been told a different story, unless they have a champion waiting in the wings who is their own superman, because a creature they raised, a composite, using the DNA from Jesus' blood. Of course that's what they did! Otherwise, why would anyone be so bold as to oppose the one who could save them?

But who am I to say I have the truth ... when other scholars, important ones, do not? I was due, and still am due, but that doesn't mean anything ... unless I can parlay this into some kind of ... work. But what? A project, a best-selling novel, a film, a series of speaking engagements, a TV special ... a weekend radio telethon? No one wants to hear my message, because it is too bold, and therefore it is weird, and I am weird. No one should know any of this, they say. He's a nut. And sure enough, his background proves it. And so I look for my allies elsewhere, among those who do not know me, but only online. I've not been willing to call, believing that when the right person will get in contact with me ... when it is time ... it can and will happen by any means. Or is there more that I can and should be doing ... to warn people ... of what? The great switch ... to do away with all racial prejudice for their own good ... to pray without ceasing ... to ask God's mercy ... to explain that everything has been corrupted, everything, even corruption has been corrupted, for the sake of deceiving, clearing out the useless eaters, the surplus population which threatens the world and all of its supplies.

This is how evil has enlisted and recruited people for war and assassinations, this is how people who are evil with pride are evil. Certainly, some of the instructions for what we do comes from telepathy. Some comes from memory. But some people can only be inspired with face to face meetings ... like this one.

Especially in this day and time ... when we are all privileged to access documents and information instantaneously, and when Jesus has been known to be who he is for as long as I can remember ... why is he so hated by the lords of hate, and why would it be so easy for them to motivate anti-Christians? I'm the exception, perhaps. But the moment that thought crosses my mind, I realize that now, more than ever, that of course Jesus would have enemies today, should have enemies; it is most likely Jesus will have enemies now than before, because of what Christianity has so brazenly accomplished in some cases, which is putting non-believers directly or indirectly within the confines of hell for eternity. Unless there is Purgatory, which I believe there is. Unless these are the watchers ... who get a second chance to make the right choice. For the second death. How many good could be lost?

Well, not on my watch. What's keeping this bitch? I've got things to do. Like find a publicist, to work pro bono. Like take some hostages, and demand that my message be read to the world. Like read and write ... ad infinitum ... ad nauseum ... until all of this is over. Like rob a bank to launch a media blitz of my own to compete against Random House and Doubleday and Bertelsmann AG, all the others, who provide America with its reading material, that which is heavily promoted with slick campaigns, all with one purpose in mind. And they are all Europeans. They never left. They just regrouped in Canada, where the French were and are, and further back east. And they've never stopped hating people of color. You can thank Karl May for some of that, much of that. I must be sure to include him on my list of rogues.

-- Randall Carter Gray
... to be continued

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