Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Beatles Are Coming! The British Are Coming! And They Want Revenge!

Why would people make claims that the Beatles were British spies, expertly trained social engineers, brought on board by an English think tank, which instructed the Fabs, after telling them how to dress and sing, to go forth, first to Hamburg, then starve a while, come back to England, make all the girls scream, and then proceed to corrupt the youth of America and the world?

Maybe the spy thing ... but how to you get a theater full of girls to faint, scream and wet themselves on cue, unless it's the real thing? And I have often considered this a very intriguing ritual which the Beatles perfected without trying. McCartney, when asked upon arriving in the States why they were so popular, Paul says, honestly, "We don't know, really." That was a genuine response. It was magical was what it was ... and the only thing that I can figure is the Beatles did globalism first, without hardly trying, and the Gnostic globalists must have hated it. And still hate it. And then, because of the Beatles, the nation bounced back from JFWho's? assassination, the record business got supercharged overnight in February of 1964. The Beatles did with love what the Blue Meanies, the real ones, had wanted to do with New World Order fascism ... which is takeover the world. They killed John, but they didn't kill Reagan, and that the plans back. Nixon losing the 1960 election set them back. Soon Eisenhower would be gone, and then the chicken hawks could get down to business ... tinkering with the present and the future with the help of their teachers. And then, of course, there was the hideous discourtesy of exploding a president in broad daylight, a popular, good-looking president.

Two of the goofiest looking and acting men ever to hold the office of president ... were Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. They frankly were ugly men, and they had a chip on their shoulders about it, which led them easily to do the unthinkable. And then LBJ had the nerve to try to get in Jackie's pants, like that was what he had wanted all along. LBJ was a sick puppy ... matched only by Nixon.

No, can you imagine John plotting with a couple of stuffed shirts about how he and Dylan were going to get high in a year or so, and once Dylan had gotten them high, then the two of them were going cook up this "get the kids" scheme which would involve young people losing their minds and morals to marijuana and free sex?

I can't, can you? If you can, if you happen to be like some flake named Dr. John Coleman, who claims to believe this stuff, as does Lyndon LaRouche (eternal presidential candidate) apparently, who says much the same thing, you're either only saying you believe this for a purpose, when you really don't ... or you really do believe this ... and you can't keep your mouth shut, because you're a raving fruitcake. Fruitcakes I can understand.

But I can't understand the motive for sich disinformation, which, at least to handfuls of us, we know to be disinformation and outlandishly poor reality skills. Or they hate the Beatles, like the KKK did, the John Birchers, Richard Nixon, et al, which should have told you that the Beatles must have been doing something right.

Who would seriously allege that a little bald German guy wrote all of the songs attributed to John, Paul and George? And why? Surely not because they believe this is true. If it is true, is the little German musicologist responsible for "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World" ... and all of the other songs presumably written by the three and sometimes Ringo after the band broke up? And Yoko? You can't learn to scream like that, can you? I mean, either you have that in you, or you don't.

Why would the White House and the FBI re-classify files pertaining to John Lennon, claiming that these files contained material which could have a negative impact on national security, of all things, when it turns out after we've read these files released in 2006, that there was nothing whatsoever in these blocked files but a reference to a book store Lennon frequented and assisted with some finances.

What gives?

You've heard of such a thing as a double agent, haven't you? A distraction, loaded down with disinformation? Reading your adversary in advance allows a person to make him think reality is one thing ... when it is actually another way. We think like the enemy. We twist things to take advantage of their weaknesses. Presidential candidates have been doing it for years, with great effectiveness, especially with TV. You can make some people do almost anything with a TV. What about other electronics?

to be continued

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