Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Nickname for God is "Sparky"

They've seen the big picture which we haven't seen. But I saw The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston ... and that was pretty big. They've apparently viewed the world's vistas in the same way which Jesus might have been shown the world, an entire planet that he could possess if he would worship Satan. Or satan. I don't capitalize certain things. And Jesus said no.

I would imagine that it is a place of unusual lights. Because time, light, space will have been transcended to get where Purgatory or hell exists, because I believe they exist and that they do in another dimension ... which occupies the same space we do or can. I see them peripherally, quite well, but I cannot look directly at them, because if I do ... they're not there. But facing light reveals them, any sort of light. Not just the light from my computer screen.

Let's say Purgatory and these are the Watchers. I watch them watching me. They are watching me now, and I can see them, mostly to my left, and always behind me. I don't favor my right side, but the right side has just made its presence known as I type this, and so I have to include them.

Those who say yes to the world and no to the part of them which is spiritual are free to believe as they wish, obiviously, but I am free to remind them (even though my hits show zero hits. No hits at all. A kid down the street with a science project gets a couple of hits, maybe a lot. I haven't gotten a single hit. And I intend to take it up with Google and Blogspot, because something is very wrong, man. I mean TOTALLY wrong. 'Cause we're just tryin' to tell people about Jesus) ... to remind them that when they sleep perchance to dream ... they enter a spiritual realm over which they have no control. Hello?! And then there is the life flashing before you, the near-death experience, with which I have some experience. which convinces you your life is orderly and focused on other people, how you treated them.

Jesus is cooler than Houdini. He could do stuff that Houdini only dreamed of. Which is transcend time and space. And, to do that, also light. I believe Jesus manipulated the light, and that it was this ability to alter light instantaneously which caused him to become invisible. Ghosts are trapped in another dimension of time, I believe, and I believe they are lost souls, They're not demonic, but people just like you and me, just in a rotten state, where I believe they are for the purpose of making a decision to go with Jesus or with his opposition.

I don't know if Jesus dematerialized or not, so that he could pass through a door, but I would imagine he simply walked through it in another dimension and instantaneously entered our dimension. So it's all about the light.

Let's get a good look at Jesus. Not the goofy one, the mystic. And definitely not the Brad Pitt one, either, or Fabio. Remember that Jesus was someone who was depised ... because of his appearance. He was an outcast, a misfit, as he was told he would be almost eight centuries earlier by the prophet Isaiah. Jesus was told people would look upon him and reject him, want nothing to do with him. Let's see ... was that because Jesus had a third eye in his forehead or an arm growing out of his head? Because of the findings of my research, I have had to return to my former home of Ethiopia and learn things, historic things, which I had never known, did not know while I was stationed in Ethiopia in the mid-70s. And what I have found is a mosaic.

There are some really freaky passages of scripture in the Hebrew scriptures, otherwise known as the Tanakh. There are many weird things period in both the Hebrew I believe people who do not embrass their supernatural, spiritual side are going to be missing out, or will miss out, perhaps, on some interesting things coming up. I don't know what they are, or how they will manifest themselves for you or anybody else in the future, if it becomes manifest at all, but I am having spiritual experiences, and can every night if I want to, which I can only believe somebody else is going to witness. Because I'm not crazy. Do I sound crazy?

Do you think it's going to be enough if the people who will say God told them to kill ... blame the blood they have been responsible for shedding on God? ... the God whom they will say threw them a curve, or, rather, God's opposition did? God is merciful, but, well, I dunno ... good luck and God bless to all who have to wrestle with must be a gut-wrenching thing. It's no fun being an outcast, being someone whom so many people will shun and never pray for, who screwed up royally, as they say. But that, I believe, is what has happened.

In comparison to God, whom I believe is thinking atomic energy, all of it in composite form, the illumined human being is a lightning bug compared to the sun. How's that for hyperbole. Hey, I'm not your average Christian, whatever that is.

I'm a freak, once called a baby killer in an airport, when I had been in Ethiopia passing out some change for beggars to get some tea and a hard roll. Baby helper would have been more accurate, but because I had short hair in those days ... and people loathed the military, I felt the animosity ... even more so when I got out, because then I had to try to find work.

So God ... atomic energy, all things, including reality itself. My guess. That's how he answers prayer, I think. I would call him Sparky, but I don't know him that well. Remember, I can say these things because I am a freak, I have been unconscious and conscious and seen the other side. I have had and am having things happening around me even now. If I'm right, that everyone is going to share in these types of experiences, then I won't be crazy. I hope I'm right ...and that none of ye ever has the stiff wind up his nose.

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