Monday, June 30, 2008

Does Europe Want To Kill Us? Become America II? A New Eden? Suckers!

I feel a little bit like Robert Stack, Stack, no ... that's not it. You know, the guy who played the young time traveler in H.G. Wells Gone With The Time or something like that. Time Machine! that's it. And the actor's name. ... Seriously, I am strugglng with this at this very moment: think, think, think. As I'm in my neo-Rousseau phase, which is abbreviated "Neorous," with the stress on the last syllable. I'm entertaining myself as I think. Whaddya want ... my medicines are kicking in? And then euphoria for about, ten minutes. And a superclear mind. Needless to say, because it's a synthetic substance whipped up by HUMANITY's best paid chemists, it will work, but it will also kill me.

But I'm like one of my heroes, Muhammad Ali. I can still dance. I still have the left jab and the right cross. Well, I can dance a little. My point is I'm shootin' for some equal time. I had a crazy first half of my life, so the way I figure it, taking into account the Christian notion of karma, and yin and yang, good and evil, what have you. I should have a happier go of it when the reversal of fortune takes place, and the valleys rise into mountains ... and the mountains fall to become valleys.

Do I believe that is going to happen? I didn't believe or I wasn't sure that there was any significance when I was experiencing my nervous breakdown and 9/11, and a reckless Christian sting directed at me, which hastened my nervous breakdown, until later as I have thought about it. I believed that one day, without prodding I believe this, Jesus would return to earth. The Jesus story was too beautiful for him not to do the climactic final scene. However that plays out, which I couldn't really say, but my gut feeling since things have only become more revealing -- I mean big time; don't you think? Just finding out that the WTC was very probably industrially brought down by us, because we're fight us, ourselves, in a war. Does that make any fucking sense? But, as we say, the greatest deceivers are the most easily deceived, because they believe that anything is possible, because they will kill to get it and not bat an eyelash because God, in their opinion, has been telling these people who to kill and when, whether it be wars or assassination of one's political opponnent. Don't tell me the thought hasn't crossed Bill Clinton's mind. He was devastated when Hillary lost. Worse than she was. He wanted to be Secretary of State in the worst way, I think, and if he believes he is so valuable that the ends justify the means, lookout, baby. And I think the Texas crowd would help him.

Take that for what it's worth. But there's a lot of death in the wake of these folks, as much as we don't want to come to grips with that. Which is part of the reason we're in so much trouble to begin with. God bless the Irish. God bless the English. Most of them. If we in America had the chutzpah that the Irish and the English have when it comes to holding their government accountable for what they do, or else, we would still have jobs and education in this country to make us competitive. But we pissed it away.

Why have we just pissed away so much money when there were and are some good people who could really use it? So that the Robber Barons could do the will of their master, which is break America's economy and shift America, part II to Europe. Like, now it's our turn. We didn't get you before, the Eastern Europeans mostly but all of Europe saying to themselves, you fought us off. But now we get revenge on your decadence society ... and we'll take all your stuff ... because we already own it. Are you aware that the publisher which published The Da Vinci Code, that its leadership virtually from top to bottom at the corporate level is German. The Germans decide what the Americans will read, as least where Random House/Doubleday is concerned. Abner Doubleday, of course, invited the Great American Time baseball. Ah, it was good while it lasted. The lull in a suburban community at night when the only sound is the crickets, squealing tires and a train who knows how far away.

I never believed, could not fathom the idea of living to see the quickening of events, the birth pangs and their contractions, and ultimately the reversal of fortunes, which the first are last and the last are first. Justice, baby. But I have lived that long, and you are living in very momentous, historic, mystical times. When fantasy will become fact. Where we will see how uncannily films have been made which depict, I believed, the way it's going to be with the earth cracks open and Minotaurs, real ones, come running at you. Invasions kill things. Even when there are only pretend invasions like during the Cuban Missile Crisis ... and I was ducking and covering with the best of them. Robert Taylor. I find myself speaking and writing in first person, like a film noir film, which Robert Stack might have made. I believe the voiceover in The Time Machine is the most effective feature of that film.

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