Sunday, June 29, 2008

Talks With Hell

HEBREWS 12:1: Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.

I have often wondered how truly corrupt people, criminals, somewhat to very guiltless people have come to be the way that they are, and whether at any point in a truly evil person's life, he or she may have had any actual, direct, physical, face to face contact with old Beetlejuice himself or herself. And I have wondered if these meetings have satisfactorily assuaged their guilt about war, murder, crime, rape etc., saying to the important questioners, perhaps:

"You understand that all is fair in love and war, don't you? Of course you do. And that whether we wish to admit it or not, we live in a jungle where the law of the jungle is ... 'the most fit survive.' Well, if we are depleting our resources ... what options do we have? We can't go on like we are.

"But, of course I'll help you. That's what we do. We're very efficient, no-nonsense, no-dissent-allowed, break a few eggs when you have to ... we're like that, and we are because we understand the world we're in ... the reality we're in. We would love to live in peace and harmony, but you can't trust the criminals, those poor, blue-collar, jackleg, no good white and black trash out there. It's dog eat dog, so you have to eat the other dogs.

"If they want to be equal, they must fight, which is what made America great. You have to fight and kill to win wars, to shape society. So, don't you worry about that. How's that? A soul? What about your soul? You're not serious. You don't know ... it goes on forever. That is, unless you'd like to hang out with us, and we'll keep you alive with whatever spare parts we need to collect. From where? Oh, anywhere.

"Otherwise ... it wouldn't be prudent."

I can imagine the conversation roughly going that way, because I have said to myself: "Okay, we have wars and assassinations, as sanctioned by some, and it would appear that 1) they make no distinction between assassination and war, and 2) they believe that the deaths of others who die in assassinations or on account of war ... that all these deaths are justified, logical ... just a fact of life, and, alas, necessary. What governs these animalistic creatures is, they say, the law of nature, the idea that natural selection, evolution are in place and functioning. These things are critical to their argument, or his or her argument. It would appear that Hitler and other Fascists with clout have had the same speech. They aren't the most evil people for nothing.

And so what we have is ... what ... existentialists? Or do we merely have liars and deceivers, who know that souls exist ... and they wish to possess it. Why? Maybe to borrow it when possible. And they also know, but don't admit, that God exists and that he is more powerful than they (otherwise they would have no opposition, which they must be aware of), and, they know it's a lie when they say they can keep alive their human accomplices indefinitely.

I'm sure to them I am an odd duck, because I am a Christian ... and that is apparent ... and it is apparent that my arguments have strength. It is apparent that I am beating down their objections with my rhetortic and my personal experiences and what has come of them.

If I have been chosen to be watched by these creatures a dimension away, these ghosts in their own world, do they hate me ... or see someone as somebody who can help them? Or a little bit of both? Do they like where they are? ... and don't want someone telling them that heaven, true heaven, exists someplace else, in a spiritual realm. And how do I know this? It was taught to me, and it feels right. My intelligence, ability to communicate, if I have any at all, these have been invested in defense of Jesus, he being a very unique man, who possesses as Adam did the blood of all races, of all cultures, of all people, as a true Everyman. And there has only ever been one ... at least in this span of time during which we have lived and in this realm within which our reality in time is physically contained.

The cloud of witnesses, it would appear, is not rooting us on, per se. They're not saints, people who have entered heaven, but people in another dimension who are watching us ... who need to make a decision, perhaps.

And are they watching from Purgatory? Hell Lite?

Do any people alive today have access to this place? Which people would you guess?

If the cloud of witnesses is the saints of heaven ... why would they be watching us? And why would we need to lay aside every weight and sin?

We believe we have seen the Watchers. They appear not to be in spiritual form, but in a dimension one step, one shift over from ours ... made possible how we don't know. They need a reason to believe that Jesus is their only hope.

But they can stay where they are ... if they choose, if they are wedded to the earth.

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