Saturday, August 9, 2008

The S is Harry S Truman ... stands for "Satan"

How efficient Babylon
Clean and spotless, bums are gone
Starve the poor and feed the rich
Lead the blind man to a ditch
But for mercy, there go you
One day you'll have holey shoes
And the difference 'tween rich and poor?
Those boners lie, "There is no more."
Do you believe that of the poor?
In fact, they're slime, Budsters and whores
You're not so mean ...
And so what for? ...
You've got a boyish manner and grin
What have you placed your confidence in?
What does the S in Harry Truman's name mean --
The 33rd president, big deal Mason?
"Sorry, Japs, we double-crossed you bad
"We did Pearl Harbor, but that made us mad."
It wouldn't be sorrow that Truman felt
The world was made to melt
Did the buck stop where it should
'Twould do old Harry good

The great horned beast threw back his head
His hooves dug in the rock
And pulled S closer toward him
And crowed out like a cock
The task 'twas given to S to do,
"He's done it so damned well:
"You mocked the false creator.
"And sent the rest to hell."
He did it without conscience ...
So is he psychopath?
Can one kill without madness?
Can one kill without wrath?
What motivates the warriors ...
Have they been told stay cool?
Must we be at the mercy of
Gnostic, Satanic fools?
The stupid man will listen
When dazzling his eyes
"It must be God," little Harry S said.
"Just look how fast he flies."

-- Simon O. Seuss

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