Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Redneck Wizards

There is a photograph which exists that depicts Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip standing alongside Laura Bush and her husband, whom you might think has just farted judging from the apparent expression of seeming embarrassment on his face. Mr. Bush may perhaps even be blushing, as he appears to be grinning like a child who has just gotten a tongue lashing, and is looking to his right at someone who would understand his embarrassment. All are dressed in formal attire, the queen in her crown, the men in tuxedos, and Mrs. Bush, with black eyes, looking a great deal like the Joker. The four are standing inside the White House with the flags of both nations officially positioned. (We're in the process of tracking down this photo. If you have it, email it to me, and I'll email back and say thank you.) In all honesty, Her Majesty the Queen has most certainly seen better, more collected days. Her dress does not fit, and me lady is holding a stunning black, patent-leather purse, of all things. And she always is. One can only assume that she carries in the ever-present black purse England's version of the "football," and if there is any button pushing to be done, she gets to do it.

"The Button" is perhaps hidden in a compact which has a mirror. Nope, that couldn't be it.

At any rate, there is one aspect to this photograph that exceeds even the queen's disheveled appearance, which makes it a photograph, this writer believes, to be as meaningful and historic as any photograph ever taken of a president in the history of the American presidency.

It is a gesture being by the president with his left hand, which, viewed along with his expression, provides tangible proof of several troubling possibilities: one, that gestures in previous photographs depicting the president, when he only seemed to be making the hand sign for el Diablo, were, irrefutably the president in fact giving the el Diablo sign; also, the appearance that Laura Bush and the Bush twins as they have been photographed greeting friends in a crowd likewise were apparently making the el Diabo sign. This is not your run-of-the-mill "I love you" salute the president is making, nor is it the "Hook 'em Horns" hand signal so often given by University of Texas Longhorns fans. We must presume that if the family is doing the el Diablo then dad has shared with the family what is supposed to be his secret.

Maybe they are doing the "I love you" sign, after all -- girls (the Hook 'em Horns sign is done with the pinkie finger and thumb, not the pinkie and the index finger); if they are not, if they are in fact making the sign for the devil ... boys and girls, friends and neighbors we have done let loose the rooster and the fox, the mongoose and the cobra in the hen house, which is us. And you can expect the pop-up versions of Mein Kampf and the satantic bible any day now.

Whatever else you might happen to think of Mr. Bush, which might be very favorable, he is indicating, very, very likely, if not irrefutably, his ties to the occult. Many, many allegations have been made against Mr. Bush Sr. and his sons, and other family members, pointing out the depth to which certain secret societies have impacted or influenced their lives, their thinking, their approach to governing and their concept of and possible connection to any spiritual or supernatural forces which may exist. This picture is not only meaningful and historic, if this is actually what it appears to be, but madness, which goes beyond troubling. If the Bushes are in fact satanists, then any kooks whom you know who has alleged such things which seemed to be nonsense ... are entitled to an apology, or, perhaps, a note of thanks.

If you haven't seen this photograph, ponder it, think about our reaction to it, and then judge for yourself what this indicates. It clearly, one would think, not be anything that the president would do under normal circumstances, but he has had things said to him, very likely, which have called into question just how evil he may happen to be. And then queen herself is alleged to be mixed up in the ill Uminotty, or something, where they're all related, or are at the very part of some clandestine behind the scenes organization which has globalism as its goal. And globalism means fascism. What do you imagine was said to Mr. Bush? Maybe nothing. What chance is there that the queen was a John Lennon fan, and had just heard the rumor about the doorman and World Vision. And the Hinckleys and the Chapmans, and the darker side, the true side, of the globalist movement which the Sixties set back by at least a decade.

-- J.D.

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