Friday, June 20, 2008

"You Tell Ray Davies ... 'Don't Make Me Have to Jump the Pond to Shoot You With Love' "

Bongles paced. He had really done it this time. He had taken a shot at fame and stardom, a height to which he had always believed he would reach, and was going to have to draw two queens to stay in game. To save his name, his reputation. His arse, as he liked to say in his best Cockney accent, because it was in a crack. Bongles, whom his friends called Bong, was beside himself sweating bullets. He had booked the auditorium in his hometown, he had done it with a plan, he had done it with love, for love, he had done it for music history. He had done it selfishly, admittedly. Because of his love of money and music, not just any music, but music from the Sixties. And some in the 70s and 80s, when this particular legendary band was hitting its stride. He had booked them, damn it! ... and he was glad. He'd done it. He'd tried to talk himself out of it, but no go. He was on his way toward the buzzsaw of defeat or a ride down a logging flume that would make him wet his pants. But it was crazy not to try. The world would love him for it. All of the brothers in the world who hated one another would love him for it, in the end. Now, he would have to trade on his online friendship with a kind man, a good and friendly man, so that he might get the man's help to help him light the fuse of this entertainment powderkeg.

Now Bong had to sell his idea for a reunion performance, which would be recorded live at the Ducktown, Tennessee Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium, which would be made into a new album that rock fans all over the world would snatch up like hotcakes. A film? Surely. Merchandising? Why not? The very image of hotcakes gave Bong an idea for the album cover ... an album which would be written and performed live by brothers Dave and Ray Davies of the Kinks, and the two other guys, which made them the only British band from the British Invasion of America to still be alive and kicking. The date was set. The venue was booked. Some of the posters and tickets were even being printed. Now all Bong had to do ... was get Ray Davies to stop being such a horse's ass.