Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Strange Case of Dr. Morono

I make my living tracking people down,
And telling them the jig is up.
Exposing them for being such fools ...
To drink from evil's cup.
This case is the strangest I've ever worked:
It took me to the underground.
Led on by clues and a battered map ...
Oh, the horrors that I found!
I'll not speak yet of these foul sights ...
Nor Genesis Chapter Six ...
Nor the clues just yet that gave me hope ...
Though the unseen world is sick.
Here's where my job bites.
Here's where it gets tricky.
The AC's on the fritz.
It's sultry, hot and sticky.
I'm leaning on the window sill,
Watching time go by ...
When this perfect dame in Capri slacks
Catches my stinging eyes.
Maybe she's a vision.
May be my lucky day.
Cause this dame is comin' up.
I doubt if it's my way.
But then I hear the knock;
My heart begins to pound.
I open up my office door ...
But there's no one around.
"A ghost," I says to myself,
"Or maybe wishful thinking.
"This case of bio-madness has me on edge.
"It calls for some hard drinkin'."
The neon sign is flashing --
The theater next door.
Maybe she made a wrong turn ...
I hope too much for more.
But Madge's gettin' no younger;
She says her back is sore.
I spend too long on Google Street, she says,
"Looking for dinosaurs."
I tell her it could be worse:
Instead of dinosaurs
I could be on the vice squad
Finding and busting whores.
"You're the whore," she says. "You're no damn good.
"Come here, give me a kiss."
I tell her there are places unspeakable,
Where no morals nor love exist.
"I've lived in that world all my life.
"So what, people turn tricks."
"But these ain't people," I say to her.
"Go read Genesis six."
She laughs and stops lovemaking.
"You gettin' religious on me?"
I tell her she'd give up the holy ghost
If she saw things I must see.
"Like whores in bed with junkies?
"And pimps beatin' little girls?
"God never did anything for me ...
"But put me in this world."
I shook my head and finished ...
And told her she don't know ...
What ancient bio-science has been cooking up
With the help of Dr. Morono.
"Who the hell is Dr. Morono?
"I've heard of Dr. Moreau."
"This man I think's a pupil ...
"Of alchemy and woe ...
"The fallen angels of heaven ...
"You won't believe what's in store.
"I pray, dear Jesus, there's an ark for us ...
"So we can flee the spores."
"The spores, now what are they?
"A new band on the scene?"
"Hybrids, mutants, crossbred by evil ...
"And they're creations are mean."
Just then a knock at the door.
I swung it open wide.
Hopin' to catch a glimpse of
Whoever might try to hide.
This gorgeous dame is standing there.
She says, "Do you remember?
"The campaign to desensitize ...
"Which starts up this September?"
I tell her, yeah, I'm up on it.
She hands a note to me.
"Morono's looking for you," she said.
"Perhaps you'd better flee."
"Sister," I says, shakin' my head
"I've got assets and more ...
"I've got a network all around the world ...
"We'll be ready for this thing called Spore."
Madge jumped up ... all huffy.
"How do you know this tramp?"
Madge has the tact of a raging bull ...
Goin' to summer camp.
"My boss is Noah," she said.
"And I work in a zoo ...
"Holding together God's creation ...
"Is all that I can do."
"The days of Noah," I said to Madge.
"Go read what Jesus said."
She figures it's okay if Jesus is involved ...
And smiles and nods her head.

to be continued