Sunday, June 22, 2008

Build Two Altars In Israel

From way back, early on
The ancient ones of time
Prepared their strategies
To stage the perfect crime
To gain control of earth
To rule with iron fists
No-nonsense, work, no play
Some people call them fascists
And here's the mystery
Who thinks they can succeed?
Do corporate heads, politicos
Not see they've been deceived?
They wouldn't hear of it
They haven't and they won't
They've never tolerated:
"You can't do that or don't."
They live in ivory towers
They have contempt for men
They think that they were born to lead
That they're immune to sin
They've never missed a meal
They're at the gym at dawn
Hard bodies, fit and lean
What are they leaning on?
Death, the equalizer,
Ought to humble us
Have powerful men been told
By their personal Jesus
Who's white and not "some black"
That they will never die
Because we have spare parts
To which we say, go take a day
Behold the most foul art
See what you will be
If you become like them
Half animal, half man
There's Jesus, turn to him
The rich cannot abide
They cannot tolerate
Most notably the Europeans
Us folks they love to hate
American successes
The Christian blather, too
They can't endure another minute
The faith of me and you
The false humility
The crazy histronics
Hypocrisy is all they see
Their need to blame is chronic
Who do the miserable hate
Why do they need to shame
The happy, prosperous Christians
Jews always get the blame
Our chosenness repulsive
They think we make this up
They think their god is God
They've got blood in a cup
They must think Jesus special
In the brotherhood
Or they would not want Jesus' blood
Of course, it's done no good
They've tried to make a master race
Superior bio-freaks
Postmodern Frankensteins
Are their legs going weak?
Is what they've tried to hatch
Just melting in their hands
Yes, cloning is quite real
But makes just half a man
Without the living spirit
Clones live but just a while
Not like life given to us
They never learn to smile
Made in their creators' likenesses
They're searching for alternatives
Another way to grow
Becomes imperative
So, enlightened, in the know
They look at their projections
And travel back in time
They might have met Ben Franklin
Just raised up from the slime
The future, yes, looks bleak
And so what do we do?
Their god, a killer, a murderer,
Said let me talk to you:
"You see the death around you
"You see what God has done
"He's good and evil both
"The great unreliable one
"To make the future happen
"Listen to what we say
"We've got to weed some people out
"To reach our brand new day
"So we'll plan wars, you fight them
"We'll pick who to elect
"And help wipe out the blacks and Jews
"Sub-human, grotesque insects."
That combo's found in Jesus
He's African by blood
And he'll save every nation
An ark above the flood
Who wrote these words of Jesus
Who made this analogy
Not Peter, but another
Whom they've hidden from you and me
If their ways are the best
Let's put it side by side
And put gods to the test
Two bulls we could divide
The way Elijah did
When he took on the Baals
Each side built up an altar
The Baals began to wail
They cried out to their gods
They begged and beat their chests
To burn the prophets' altar
And show which god's the best
One minute went by, ten
Ten more ... then twenty more
And Elijah turned to them and said,
"Maybe your god's doing chores,
"Perhaps your god is sleeping,
"Let's try to wake him up.
"Perhaps he's running late
"Or drunk from too much cup."
Elijah's face grew stern ...
As he turned away from them
The skies began to boil
The sun's light grew quite dim
And then maybe Elijah winked
Perhaps he turned and smiled
As he instructed his helpers
To dig around the pile
To dig a trench around it
A trench dug like a ring
And fill the trench with water
"Step back ... behold this thing."
And fire came from heaven
Not manmade torches, flames
But the sum of atomic energy
Toward the place it came
And burned the sacrifice
On the altar in short order
And turned the wood to ashes
And even licked up the water.
Our enemy's a killer
To killers he appeals
And surely has impressed them
They've made a rotten deal
Appealing to their hate and pride
And their contempt for men
Their god has preached deficiency
Is worst of all the sins
And so the powerful have blamed
The consumers who consume
Who've made these people rich
Now the elitists want more room
They'll kill the sons of God
Or try most mightily
But humble men belong to God
When they die, they're set free
Pollution, economic ruin
We see what we've become
And they blame the consumers
For all the bad they've done
Their god has used the oldest trick
And whispered in their ears
And filled their hearts with hatred
But soon they're filled with fear
There's one way out ... it's Jesus
The Godman ... Everyman
If they're up to the challenge
Let's do the thing again
Winner take all in a showdown
Round up your strongest men
And build two altars in Israel
We'll stand there foes not friends
We'll do the thing in the same place
Mt. Carmel, as before
And take turns calling God
Then tally up the score.

-- rcg