Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who Put All Those Things In Your Head?

by Randall Carter Gray

Asmara, true to its nickname "island in the clouds," is too beautiful to bomb. Thankfully this jewel in the Horn of East Africa remains intact, no worse for wear or civil war, having been graciously spared in bombing raids over Eritrea by the Ethiopian air force several decades ago. Destroying even a portion of this charming, Italian-flavored, most unique East African city in the Ethiopian Highlands may have hastened the war's end and probably given Ethiopia victory over the separatists. But some wise Ethiopian warrior put Asmara's beauty above winning the civil war and punishing the Eritrean rebels and the innocent civilians who called Asmara home.

Would that all wars, if they have to be fought at all, could be led by gracious warriors and statesmen, patriots, lovers of freedom who know the true source of light and love. That grace doesn't exist in Washington, D.C. anymore, if it ever did. The closest it may ever have come in modern history occurred during the Eisenhower administration and the one that immediately followed, both led by gracious warriors, who were themselves heroes in combat, who knew what it was to suffer mentally and physically on behalf of this country.

With the exception of Presidents Carter and Reagan, in our view, all the rest and those henceforth have been and will be bad eggs. Ignorant. Greedy. Insensitive. Graceless. Godless. That's not to say that these leaders don't have a god, because they do, the have, and I suspect they've met him, that they've gone to where he resides in this world, and they've been impressed with what he has showed them in another dimension right beside ours. In view of this, it is worth remembering that when Jesus was taken up to great heights and shown the same things, he told the devil, in effect, to get the fuck out of his face.

Today Asmara is the capital of neighboring Eritrea, which won its independence in 1993 after 32 years of fighting between Ethiopian troops and Muslim-backed Eritrean rebels. But it is a tenuous peace. Who knows what the future holds for this place shaped by the distinctive architectural lines and curves of Italian art deco of the 1920s? Who knows if the efforts by "united nations" will be backed by a scorched earth policy at some point, and one of the most beautiful cities in all of Africa, if not the world, will be lost. It isn't beyond people who don't recognize beauty, or cherish it along with truth and love, to destroy everything in an attempt to start again.

But, of course, many of us believe that this maniacal approach to build up by destroying and to achieve peace through war will take us back to a point of starting again, back to the beginning. But neither these men nor their god will be part of this new world to come, which we believe will originate where it did before, in the beginning ... Eden ... somewhere in Ethiopia.
Until then, we must remember the many who have died, and we must prevent more from being injured, from dying from neglect, attrition and deceit, as "united nations" from Europe, China, Japan and America pretend to be helping the most impoverished and most populous nation in Africa, even as they are pouring poison into the soup they're serving. This is not a conclusion I would ever have reached -- that the West wants the land of Ethiopia and Eritrea even if it means methodically and steathily killing their people -- had it not been for two stories which came out of Libya and Chad in the past four or five years: in one case, six nurses from Bulgaria and a Palestinian doctor were caught injecting Libyan babies with the HIV virus. They got to 400 babies, over fifty died, who knows how many more will. Their explanation ... they wanted to find a cure.

They did jail time, and they were sentence to death. But the French president, his ex-wife, and this current president who mocked a woman in Texas as she pleaded not to be executed, worked a deal, involving big money and technology, to get these killers of African babies a get-out-of-jail-free card, when they had been tried and sentenced to death. Ghadafy caved, which is not surprising. The case in Chad -- and these cannot possibly be isolated -- involved a French "charity" called quaintly enough Zoe's Ark. The ark these followers of Zoe built was not for the purpose of saving children ... but stealing them. The children were dressed up to be disguised as wounded refugees, victims of war, so they could be loaded more efficiently onto waiting airliners. Zoe's people said they thought they were orphans. None were.

A trip around Paris, perhaps, was what laid in store for these children from Chad, do you think? Scholarships and a good education, put on a track to professionally and intellectually succeed? Hell no. A liar is hiding something. And when that is the case, somebody's gonna get hurt. Period. What we can speculate on if we want to is what can we imagine would have eventually happened with fifteen children from Chad, a place which is predominately black. Slaves? And what happens to slaves? Anything that the slaveowner wishes to happen. Maybe a trip around Paris. Maybe a trip to hell.

These sorts of people who believe they are building a new world order by destroying a vital part of God's world have been tricked by the god of this world, an angel of illumination, that this is an acceptable way to treat human populations -- like animal populations which must be thinned out, like overgrown herds of elephants or deer, to make room for progress. Or to intervene according to the law of the Jungle. George H. W. Bush is a goddam liar. He said in his famous "New World Order" speech on TV that the NWO would eliminate "the law of the jungle," out there, that ... thing" (italics mine). When the truth is ... natural selection, the law of the jungle, treating people like animals ... this is precisely what these elitists intend to do. According to whose plan, would you say or guess? My arch enemy and yours. How do I know that we have such an arch enemy. ... I have met him not in the flesh ... but in a spiritual, supernatural form ... as a child. Beyond that ... I have little to no recollection of this event or series of events. I experienced night terrors for, it felt like, a year or more when I was 5 and 6 years old.

When I would sleep with my mother, I would tell her that the terrors were beginning. And she would say, "Close your eyes." And I would say, "They are closed." ... In the darkest part of the room they would begin to emerge, and one by one they would enter and come right up to my face ... and scare the living buckets of perspiration out of me, which left my bedsheets, pillow case and pajamas saturated. Not only was it hard to sleep at night ... it was hell in school the next day after one of these events. I tried to get it, that which I could, but math, algebra and geometry, later in life, simply math earlier, has always just not computed. It does now. I'm about to be 55 years old. I went through twenty years of my adult life after being discharged from the Navy after two and a half years, which included being injured on active duty, a brain incident, off and on convinced that death was imminent, and my heart would explode any minute. Morbid thoughts. Very. Doom and despair, remorse and anxiety, And I would walk and talk to God. And I would reason with him. He had to exist, or I had no hope. None. Zip. Does he?

I can't say I don't know. But I wouldn't know how to begin to describe him, except to say that he is reality. We are the players, and he is the stage, props, set, everything else, in minute detail. Atomic. And so, God is the earth, in effect, as he is everything else in the universe, at once. That's a lot of atoms. Of course I can't even begin to fucking count them, let alone divide or multiply them, or find the unknown whatever. I think I tried to catch up on my sleep in math class, because it didn't interest me ... and I needed some freaking sleep. I wouldn't say I was sick, but that I was just sleepy.

And that continued throughout my life into high school. When it came time for math, I slept. Or I didn't pay it any mind. I'd do something else. Because when I did apply myself; and I mean sat down and said ... I am going to give this stuff my complete, total and absolute mental focus ... and I will even go to a tutor. And I so tried to make my mind function to just get it. Do you know what I couldn't get it? I think I do: It's because I had no foundation for the progressively more difficult material. And yet today, I can sometimes add in my head, and do multiplication and division faster than someone else who was pretty good in math -- which of course means jack squat, but something sunk in, because I actually enjoy math and logic ... up to a point. I can understand the concepts involved in cellular automata, a New Kind of Science, which has to do with the foundational building blocks of creation, which involves rules which do not deviate mathematically, computationally or fail to work -- no bugs, same graphic output every time -- but they are perfect rules. And do you know what the rules tell the computer to do? To simulate life occurring from the inside out by way of the placements, the graphically algorthmically the same every time placements, true or false, yes or no, black or white ... of black and white tiles. If black goes here, then white goes here. If no, then yes. If no, then no. If yes, then no. If yes, then yes.

And from this ... we get the complexity of all of the physical processes which exist in our known world. Exactly duplicative, every time the numbers or the loop by way a rules is run. And there are scads of rules. There is a rule for an oak tree leaf, a specific kind of oak tree, very precise, as it deviates from say, the leaf of a poplar. What makes each leaf special, is that you can tell one species of leaf from another, there is a constant at work, the oak leaf belongs to the oak leaf family ... but it is its own leaf. There will never be another oak leaf which looks just like any one particular oak leaf. And yet, this randomness, somehow, grows out of the very determined: If no, then yes. If no, then no. If yes, then no. If yes, then yes.

How does complexity of the sort which exists in nature ... come out of this simple equation? And the randomness, the individuality? I'm not just a member of the human fucking race ... I'm an individual and you are too. And anybody who wants to wipe us out, because they think we're expendable, isn't looking at reality properly ... and will pay a price they do not wish to pay. They may say, which is their right, that I am wrong; that my God does not exist, that their god is God. If you haven't already ... there's a story about a man named Elijah ... I'd like you to read. New topic for later.

Out of this you can see why the god of this world has pushed evolution to the outrageous extreme that he/she/or it has -- because if we're only descended from animals ... when the time comes that the elite want to start thinning us out, they'll be doing what their god told them to do ... and they won't feel so guilty. And so the Inquisition started and the Crusades. And what the fuck was going on with that?

Hey, I'm god, or a god, no I'm god and I want you guys to understand something. War is good. War is necessary. It is the natural order of things. It is the law of the jungle ... George. Call me. We'll do lunch.

These people will die ... and thank heaven they will not be any part, anywhere near the world to come. However, as long as they live ... there is always the chance of redemption, and there is only one person who can give you that one last chance. GODMAN!

A lot in the world has happened since 9/11; in political terms, and social terms, we have moved closer since 2001 to a centralized global regime, which anyone with half a brain can see will be controlled by the fattest of the cats and their "illuminating" handler and his/her/its minions, which always have an eye on the time. They apparently do because they had something to do with imposing time on us, and time brings death.

This only seems plausible, as does time travel, because these handlers are most likely responsible for teaching mankind how to tell time by increments of 60. The so-called Anunnaki also taught Babylon and Sumeria astronomy and math skills, including sacred geometry, and how to keep records, all skills which have been "invaluable, absolutely necessary," they would argue, for advancing civilization to the point to which it has come. But where are we? On the verge of doing more of the same, except more heartlessly? Capitalism is failing the United States of America and its people, because they have been sold out to the highest bidders, namely the French (who designed satanic Washington, D.C. (Devil's Cove?), the Germans, the English, the Chinese and Japanese, others in Europe. And capitalism, upon which these morons intend to build a new world disorder, per their god's deceitful instructions, is dead before their new order has even begun.

Time is death. Time is aging. Time marks the wear and tear caused by gravitational forces. Without time, none of us would ever die.

It's not going to be magic or hocus pocus, alchemy or any sort of harmonic convergence or spiritual union which will usher us into where it is all of us are headed. But rather God's removal of time ... which will change the natures of space, matter and light, according to people like Albert Einstein. Those are only educated hunches, but there is no denying that the international leaders of today including our president and the one who will be elected are in bed with these illuminated ones, and all that exists in the way of Masonic trappings in the nation's capital and throughout the United States, and Dan Brown's new book, if they ever finish writing it for him, proves it.
Life is but a dream. For some, the dream will continue. For those who do not trust Jesus as the Everyman who can save them (observant Jews excluded) the dream will become a living nightmare. And when evil has killed itself off and taken all of God's creation with it that it can, then the true God returns ... and we start again from the beginning, having gone full cycle, being the wiser for having had to coexist in the face of evil as ambassadors of love.