Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mary's Little House of Stone

Mary had a house of stone
In Turkey, Ephesus
Or is it part of dark deceit
To hide Jesus from us?

Did Mary's fisherman nephew
A martyr in the Holy Land
Live and write in Ephesus
While holding auntie's hand ...

So far removed from Galilee
Where Bible "errors" say
The beloved, divine catcher of fish
Took Mary home to stay

Oh, what a tangled web
What a tangled web we weave
To hide John Mark and mother Mary
A foul plot to deceive!

'Twas they from Cyrene, Africa
Whom Jesus loved the most
John Mark a priest and scholar
Lest any heretic boast

He wrote the gospel John
For all men of all nations
And though they don't want us to know
He wrote the Revelation!